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Sweet Summertime Collection

This Collection is full of every amazing thing that you will need for you and your family to wear and use this Summer!

There is something for every single member of your family - from the youngest to the oldest, and so many amazing accessories and useful every day items!

Whether you will be travelling to the beach or another fun destination, or staying close to home and utilizing the family pool or sprinkler, we have the perfect clothing and accessories for you.

*Keep an eye on this Collection, as new items will be added in the coming weeks and months!


Disclaimer: B. Riley Designs is NOT responsible for any issues that may come up once the product(s) is/are in your possession. This includes any situation that could possibly arise with safety, allergies, etc. All of our products are in compliance with safety standards, however you never know when someone may have an issue with something that is out of the ordinary realm of what is normally seen. This also includes products in the vicinity of young children - especially babies. Please keep your attention on any small children or individuals with disabilities when it comes to items with smaller parts including but not limited to hair accessories, jewelry, embellishments, etc.. Please also remember to dispose of the bags and or packaging that your order came in. 

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