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You're A DOLL!

Do you have a little girl in your life that loves her baby dolls? If so, this is seriously the place for you to be!

This Collection will be a permanent one, but it will change periodically depending on what we have going on in the other Collections on the website.

We will have staple pieces that will stay, options for both personalized and special order items, as well as items that will change because those will match the girl's pieces that are the same style!

We are so thrilled to be able to bring this Collection to life here at B. Riley Designs! We know how special a girl's dolls can be to her, and what would be cooler than her being able to match her favorite baby?! 

All of the pieces will fit up to an 18" doll, unless stated otherwise in the specific item's description. This means that they will fit dolls that size and smaller (including the very popular AG Dolls!) Over time we will also be adding additional styles to this Collection, but to start we will be offering two main styles - these will be the 'staple styles' you will see most often. Enjoy special items that you cannot get anywhere else- these are all totally exclusive to B. Riley Designs! And grab them all at totally reasonable prices *guaranteed to be less than any of the bigger named doll brands. These items are going to give a personal touch that cannot be duplicated. 

So get excited for the sweetest surprise for those amazing kids in your life - the "You're A Doll" Collection at B. Riley Designs! ♡

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