Christmas Tree Shopping - Itsy Bitsy Bow

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Christmas Tree Shopping - Itsy Bitsy Bow
Christmas Tree Shopping - Itsy Bitsy Bow

These perfect little bows are so sweet and add just the right amount of pizazz to your little one's total look! These are comfortable, soft and so darn cute!

The bullet fabric that makes up this sweet bow is a beautiful light/bright cran-magenta combo. This color is perfect for all year long which makes this something that will definitely come in handy in any bow collection! 

*The photo shown is a smaller newborn sized baby. The sizing of this bow on nylon is just about 3".

The "Itsy Bitsy Bows" are smaller bows (3" or so!) and they are such a great size for younger kids, smaller faced babies (especially newborns and infants!) or just for those kids that aren't super in love with larger or heavier hair accessories. This fabric is thick and smooth, but light at the same time so weight will not be an issue in any style of this particular bow. 

*Be sure to check out the other "Itsy Bitsy Bow" options! We have this in multiple different fabric patterns and colors! 

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