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Halloween Masks - Kid's & Adults

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Halloween Masks - Kid's & Adults
Halloween Masks - Kid's & Adults
Halloween Masks - Kid's & Adults
Halloween Masks - Kid's & Adults

With this crazy, wild time we are all rolling through each day, masks have (unfortunately) become a reality worldwide.  If they are necessary and mandatory in so many places, we may as well have some fashionable options!

Choose from one of these designs, as well as between two sizes:  child or adult!

Match with your little one, and make a statement every time you walk out in public!

*ALL masks come with filters already placed into the filter pocket.

Please be aware of the amount of time you are using the filters, and change them out when necessary to do so. 

*Sizes Available: 

YOUTH:  About 4.75"



The material is a very stretchy polyester, which means if you would like it to be a bit "bigger", you can gently pull on the sides to "adjust" it to your face. 



No masks should be used in a surgical setting, or a setting where you will come into contact with a significant amount of liquid, bodily fluid, or other hazardous material or fluids.  Please note that these are not for use in clinical settings where the risk of exposure to contagions are extremely high through inhalation. Please also note that these are not appropriate for circumstances where you will be in the presence of high intensity heat sources or flammable gas. 

All face masks, no matter the size, are final sale.  These are non-returnable or refundable.   B. Riley Designs Boutique will not be held liable in the event that the masks are misused, or used in an inappropriate setting.  Once the customer has purchased the mask, it is their responsibility to use it properly, clean it and replace the filters as needed, and to follow the regulations and guidelines that are suggest for the general public to follow.  B. Riley Designs Boutique is also not responsible for someone using the mask for an undetermined amount of time that may be detrimental to their health and safety. 


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